From Single to the Knot

From Single to the Knot


Our society holds a very corrupted view of marriage.

At the same time that marriage is glamorized by movies and sitcoms, it is devalued by Hollywood and pop culture. Candice Mummert offers a heartfelt conversation with singles in our society about what marriage was really created to look like. Through a candid, biblically-based, fresh conversation, the book covers topics from singlehood to lifelong commitment, while setting realistic expectations for:

  • Sex and sexual purity

  • Needs of a husband and wife

  • Expectations of a husband and wife

  • Why marriage is worth fighting for

So, if you are single and would like to be married someday, or even if you are already married and need a refresher on what marriage is really all about, join the conversation in From Single to the Knot.

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