Hey there! Welcome to my space on the web. Do you find relationships crazy and awesome all at the same time? Me too! God has broken my heart for the many relationships in our lives. He is a relational God as well and made us for relationship so I believe they are worth our efforts. Since you have made your way here, hang around and check out the cool ways we can connect with the work God is doing through me!


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Loving on relationships. Not because I am perfect at them but because I am passionate about them.

What Makes Me, Me?

I am a Christ follower, wife, mother, daughter, and friend.
And the order is on purpose!
None of those roles look quite the way I expected them to,
but God continues to show me how His plans
are oh-so-much better than mine.

What got me here?

Adoption was not on my radar or anywhere in my plans, to be honest. But when God unquestionably called my husband and me to expand our family, we cautiously said yes.

One step at a time, we entered a season full of two opposing emotions, peace and chaos.  There were many nights of uncertainty when I cried myself to sleep, feeling as though survival depended on being cradled in the palm of God's hand. He carried us through our adoption journey, fighting for us and gently guiding us.  Once we could stand on our own again, He placed us on fertile soil.  But after a short time of rest, He has drawn me into another unexpected turn of events. The author of life itself has begun filling me with stories and testimonies to share.  Once again I feel the need to be carried into these unfamiliar territories, this time being called to writing and teaching. But I can hardly wait to walk alongside you, as you answer God's call, say yes, and experience a similar time of mixed peace and chaos.  As a wife and mother of 5, my days are already full,  but I strive to leave room for God's daily nudges to encourage and love on others.  I hope to share life and perspective in a way that invites you to be an overcomer, as you set audacious goals according to God's word and His callings on your life.