In our first episode, Aaron and I share a little bit about our love story and who we are.


In my first interview, the Castles share healing from past heart wounds while falling in love with someone new. They also share the ups and downs of becoming a blended family.


In this recap, Aaron and I dive deeper into our favorite part of the interview with the Castles. We continue the discussion of words of affirmation and how important it is to affirm your spouse regularly.


In part 2 of my interview with the Castles they share about becoming the primary caregiver for her mother and how that directly affected their marriage. A big part of their story is brushing little things under the rug that eventually became big things. They share how counseling isn't a bad word and share an interesting perspective on becoming empty-nesters.


Marriage counseling is not a bad word and most all of us need it at some point or another. Investing in your marriage is necessary and worth it. Have you ever said something and felt like you unexpectedly stepped on a land mine? What's that all about? These are just a few of the golden nuggets Aaron and I discuss as we recap part 2 of my interview with Craig and Laurie.


We laugh a lot in this interview! But more importantly, we discuss what it means to be talking to your spouse without actually communicating. Jen and Chad share how important their relationship with Jesus was as their marriage was healing from the lost trust. One of my favorite parts of the interview was when Jen shared how her trust in God's goodness helped her overcome her fear of future fall outs or missteps.


Aaron and I dig deep into what real communication looks like and how to get better at it. We also talk about regaining trust one drip at a time, seeking God more than trying to change your spouse or your circumstances, and end with a usable tool for better communication in your marriage.


This episode is part 1 of another 2 part interview! In this episode you get to know the sweet and funny story of how Dan and Linda met, their rapid jump to marriage and how they quickly became a family of 6! As a young married couple they faced some unexpected adventures including twins and learning that 2 of their children are on the Autism spectrum.


In this episode I continue my interview with Linda Smith and we pick up right where we left off. I left you with a cliff hanger last time but as the interview continues Linda shares with us more about her husbands battle with cancer. You will be so blessed by the way their faith carried them and the perspective she carries now.