The Why Behind the Book

Many people have asked why I wrote a book and it has made me stop to think about the answer. The why behind the book is not an obvious why. Before I wrote the book, there were many other careers I considered. First, it was a veterinarian. Then a marine biologist. Teaching was always an option and by the time I was 16, I was dreaming of being a worship leader. I was writing music (if you can call it that) and singing every chance I could get. I ended up in special education and later, motherhood and direct sales. So when you ask if I always wanted to be an author I can honestly say no, it never crossed my mind.

I mean, I remember being told  I was a good writer, but that was thank you notes and such. I thought that was part of my spiritual gifting of encouragement. I never dreamed it would turn into writing a book.

So why did I write the book? My answer will either sound exciting or too simple, but the truth is, I wrote it because God gave me the vision. 

God gave me the vision.

I was worshiping in church one Sunday morning and my husband turned to me and asked, "Are you okay?" I hadn't realized it, but I was taking one deep breath after another. His question brought me back to the worship center and I realized I was breathing deeply to try and slow my heart beat down. God was downloading the vision of a book; chapters, personal notes, target audience, and all. It took me a few minutes to catch my breath. And no, this is not a common occurrence for me. In fact, it was a first.

So when I arrived home from church I went start to the office and did a brain dump of everything God had just filled it with. I felt as though I couldn't think about anything else until I made room in my thinker by getting the chapters and such down on paper. And that was the simple beginnings of From Single to the Knot. About 8 months later I completed the first manuscript and was tired of it. I didn't even read back over it in its entirety because I was so ready to be done thinking about it. And my husband nor I had any idea how to publish a book, so we agreed to put it aside until God gave us some prompting to do something with it.

God told me to wait.

Well, the following 2 years God lead us through our adoption journey and the book hardly even crossed my mind. It's hard for me to imagine that I practically forgot about all of the hard work I had put into the manuscript, but it's true. Remember, publishing a book was not on MY to-do list. But, shortly after our boys were home to stay, the book began coming to mind at what felt like random times. So, I decided to pick it up, dust it off, and read it front to back. That led to me stealing away for 48 hours of uninterrupted time to read and revise the first draft. Shortly thereafter, God started introducing me to one person after another who guided me through the what I now know as the bumpy road to becoming a published author. 

God said go!


It was 5 years between God giving me the vision for the book and it being published! Can I just say, if God had told me up front that He had plans for me to start a book but the project wouldn't be completed for 5 years, I may have never started! At a minimum, I would have put it off thinking I had more than enough time to complete it! But looking back, it all fell into place quite well. You've probably heard it before, but this is a great example of God's perfect timing. 

His plan, His timing, His provision. That is why I wrote a book! All God!

God is calling you!

The question is WHAT is  He calling you to? This side of Heaven there will always be another mountain to climb, another chain to break, another ark to build, another sin to overcome.  There will be more flesh to die to and another cross to pick up. 

So whether you feel like it's too late, or you've already tried too many times, maybe you don't feel strong enough, talented enough, brave enough, enough is enough! You are enough if you submit to the one who is calling you and promises to be your strength.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.
— Ephesians 3:20 NLT


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