Your Vulnerability Can Lead to Someone Else’s Breakthrough

What a week! I had gone from publishing the book, to not publishing the book, to publishing the book all in 7 short days. It was quite a roller coaster of emotions. To be more specific, I had made an agreement with an editor that she would take on my book project and the agreement would end in publishing. I was to send her a check and a manuscript on Monday. But on the Saturday before, I suddenly felt like the Lord was telling me to wait. It didn’t make sense, but I was no longer at peace with sending the money and manuscript. So I prayed and waited for about 5 days. I prayed and waited, analyzed, and then prayed some more. On Thursday the Lord gave me a clear vision that I was to move forward with the publishing and trust Him for the rest. You see, I keep trying to fit all the pieces of this ministry puzzle together and I can’t. So, I’m saying yes to this step and trusting Him with how it will all fit together. The time of waiting had been for me to check back in with Him and remind myself that He was in control.

That same Thursday afternoon I had plans to meet a friend for lunch. I shared with her that the Lord was asking me to say yes to one step, even though I couldn’t make sense of the bigger picture. He was asking me to say yes to what He is calling me to today and trust Him with the details of how it will all fit together. She lit up with excitement and shared that she had the same lesson impressed on her earlier that morning! Her decision and calling are completely different from mine. However, the Lord was asking both of us to say yes to the next step while trusting Him with the bigger picture. How cool is that! On that very day, He spoke to both of us and then allowed us to confirm His word through one another during our lunch together.

If I hadn’t made myself vulnerable enough to share what I was going through, her word may not have been confirmed and visa versa. If I had not shared my shortcoming with her, she may not have shared what she was learning and thus neither of our words would have been confirmed. I’m so thankful for moments like that!

Later that same day I received a text from a dear friend asking for prayers. She was completely transparent with me about obedience she was struggling with. God was asking her to wait and trust, and the waiting was wearing on her. I welcomed the opportunity to encourage her and pray with her. Praying for God to continue to reveal Himself to her as she said yes to today’s calling while believing fully for the bigger calling she is waiting for. As I wrote my texted response, God enlightened me with a conclusion to a blog post I began yesterday. I felt so strongly about the beginning of the post and then came up completely blank on how to end it. I thought my brain was just done, after having written all day. Little did I know I needed a new revelation to finish the blog. Better yet, the revelation would come from a friend’s vulnerability as she asked for my prayers to accompany her’s.

God gave me two examples in one day of how our vulnerability and willingness to share with one another, multiplies His opportunities to speak to us. If God is pressing you to reach out to a friend, share a need, ask for prayers, or even share a revelation, remember, it may not be all about you. Don’t put all the pressure on yourself. Maybe He is asking you to share so that He can quicken a message for your friend. Obedience, obedience, obedience! By delaying your obedience you may be delaying someone else’s Word from God.