Our Adoption Journey

So many of our friends that have adopted share wonderful stories of how they came to adoption. Some went on a mission trip in highschool or college and their hearts were permanently broken for the children of that country. Some knew from a very young age that God had reserved a special spot in their hearts for adoption.  Many couples discussed it before marriage to be sure they were on the same page about adoption being a part of their future.

Not me! I vividly remember being 18 years old on a choir trip with the Wesley Choir from First United Methodist Church, Jefferson City, Missouri. A family we knew well were going through some difficult trials with their adopted son and it scared me. The whole idea of adoption scared me. “I won’t ever adopt. I’m just not made for that!” That actually came out of my mounth! You know what else? God permanently framed that moment in my memory and when I started feeling the call to adopt, it was the first thing I thought of. God has such a sense of humor. That memory, connected with our journey through adoption, reminds me of how much greater God’s plans are than ours!

This video caputres much of our journey from the call to adopt all the way through bringing our boys home.