As an authentic and dynamic keynote speaker, Candice is able to engage and encourage audiences to be bold in their faith.  As she shares her own journey and lessons learned, people are equipped with scriptural truths to move forward in what God is calling them to. If Candice can serve in your church or community in this way, please send your request through the form below.

Uploaded by Candice Mummert on 2017-12-21.
We have been honored to have Candice Mummert speak at HighRidge Church in both large group and small group settings. Candice is very personable, engaging and dynamic as she shares biblical truths and encouragements. She uses humor, personal stories, and great illustrations to help convey and apply those truths. We would highly recommend her for speaking to women, mixed groups, conferences, and small groups.
— Dawn Klingenberg, Executive Pastor at HighRidge Church

Dating and Marriage

Talking Points
Candice has a passion for encouraging others, especially when it comes to relationships. One of her greatest desires is to pour into singles as they struggle to wait for their specials someone. This includes such topics as:

  • Realistic expectations
  • What God intended for marriage
  • Why abstinence
  • Healthy boundaries      

As she and her husband have grown in their own marriage, Candice has developed a desire to see more healthy marriages. She loves to share on such topics as:

  • How to date your spouse
  • A healthy sex life and why it is important
  • Why fighting is okay 
  • Love languages

Parenting and Adoption

Talking Points

After walking through the adoption process to bring home her 2 sons, Candice is excited to walk beside other families who are thinking about or already adopting.  
There are times to celebrate and times to persevere and both of those things are better when done in community. Candice shares openly about her own adoption journey and looks forward to walking along side other families as they traverse the roads of their own journey.

Then there is the almighty job of parenting. When done intentionally and consistently, you can enjoy the process so much more. Candice hopes to encourage parents with realistic strategies that always bring results! Her perspective is well rounded as she has 3 biological daughters and 2 adoptive sons. She has covered the birth and toddler seasons a few times over, is in the beginnings of 'teenagerhood', and has stayed the course in parenting adoptive children.